Multi-site Food Service & Menu Planning for Senior Living Facilities

Multi-site Food Service & Menu Planning for Senior Living Facilities

Each senior living segment has unique dining and regulatory needs. CBORD® is the only provider to satisfy them all on a single web-based platform. Controls and processes in dining operations are the keys to both delighting residents and managing costs. CBORD's experience in implementing software for multi-site operations can help fulfill your vision.


NetNutrition is an online solution that makes it easy for residents to access nutritional information about the food served at any of your dining locations. From the convenience of their computers or smartphones, your residents and guests can view menu offerings; filter by dining location, allergens, or other preferences (heart healthy, vegetarian, locally grown, etc.); and see nutritional information not only for specific menu items, but for entire meals or days. This valuable service makes it easier than ever for your residents and guests to make informed dining choices, improving service and satisfaction.

NetMenu® Planner™

NetMenu® Planner™ provides the tools you need to centrally manage your menu planning across multi-site operations, and it's easily accessible via any Internet connection! The modular design lets you decide what you need now and easily add capabilities in the future.