CBORD Solutions for Senior Living Facilities

Food Service Solutions

CBORD solutions for food service software
We design our food service software solutions with your bottom line in mind. We know that each community is different: your need for additional cost controls may come in the form of production tallies or standardized recipes to help control production and food costs, or you may have a need for additional inventory reporting to ensure you are maintaining optimal inventory levels. CBORD's fully integrated food service solutions give your facility the tools needed for all of these things and more!

Resident Dining Management Solutions

CBORD solutions for resident dining management
Ensuring the safety of your residents is paramount. Provide your staff with service reports that list resident allergies, helping to ensure that only appropriate items are served. Or, offer a tray ticket that blocks the items that a resident is allergic to. Record resident requests in the electronic card file—we have all the tools you need to make sure residents' requirnments are being met.

Cashless Solutions

CBORD solutions for cashless systems
Senior living communities are discovering the benefits of using cashless ID card solutions for their dining services. Your community can run a comprehensive cashless system—bringing together multiple locations and revenue centers. And whether it's a dollar amount per day or a certain number of meals per month, CBORD has a meal plan solution that's perfect for your residents. Best of all, CBORD's cashless systems can help your facility increase employee and resident satisfaction, as well as overall convenience.

Menu Planning

CBORD solutions for menu planning software
Multi-site operations benefit greatly from centralized menu planning software, and CBORD has tools to make it easier than ever. Take control of your recipes, menus, and nutritional analyses from one central location and save time, monitor costs, and standardize production. By offering standard menus and recipes, your communities can focus on spending more time with residents.